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Hi, I just watched a great programme on BBC knowledge. It was 'Last heroes of d-day' season 1 #1'. When it finished I wanted to see more. How about at the end of these shows there is a quick on-screen message telling us when the next in the series will screen? Thanks, Patrick


Dear Patrick,

Thank you for your message to BBC Worldwide Channels in Asia.

We are pleased to hear that you enjoyed Last Heroes Of D-Day on BBC Knowledge recently. This was a one-part documentary and we don't have plans to show the programme on the channel again in the near future.

However, we note your suggestion regarding on-screen announcements about when we have further episodes of series scheduled. It is not always possible to incorporate these into our presentation and, in this case, as mentioned, there was only episode of this documentary, but your comments will be shared with the relevant team.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

Best wishes,

BBC Knowledge


hello, as a new subscriber to the BBC channels available in Asia, I am disappointed at the content on those channels. I pay top $ to have the BBC on cable, and I expect to be able to have more of a choice of constant repeats, some programmes being shown twice a day 7 days a week. Not only that , we are not given the choice of the best the BBC has to offer, DR Who excepted. We are constantly fed repeats of Saturday Night Dinner, which has to be the worst comedy ever commissioned, Top Gear, and endless cookery programmes, and while The Black Adder, and Ab Fab are funny, they were funny 20 years ago. Why cant shows like Strictly be shown , or one of a host of shows currently shown by the BBC (MOTD for one) instead of constant repeats. Waste of money.


Dear Graham,

Thank you for your message to BBC Worldwide Channels in Asia.

We are pleased to welcome you to BBC Worldwide Channels, but we are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with what you are seeing. Repeats are common on cable and satellite channels, and this type of scheduling is welcomed by viewers who may have missed these programmes originally. Programmes like Top Gear are very popular amongst our viewers, many of whom enjoy seeing episodes more than once, but we appreciate your feedback about some of the programmes you have seen on our channels, and we will certainly share this with our scheduling team.

Regarding your comments about offering BBC programmes such as Match Of The Day or Strictly Come Dancing, as we are the commercial arm of the BBC we do not receive free or automatic access to programmes which were originally shown on BBC public service channels in the UK, rather we must bid for these against other broadcasters. In addition, some programmes are not made available for international distribution. We don’t have any plans for either of these programmes in the near future, but we note your interest in watching these on BBC Worldwide Channels in Asia. We hope that you may enjoy some of our October highlights, which are detailed on our home page.

Best wishes,

BBC Worldwide Channels