BBC Entertainment

  • Yes, Prime Minister (2013)

    Weekdays at 8pm (JKT/BKK); 9pm (SIN/HK); 10pm (KOR).

    True to the law that says people rise to the level of their incompetence, James Hacker MP, Minister for Administrative Affairs, has ascended to the highest political office in the land.

    Fortunately for the country, however, his scheming adversary Sir Humphrey Appleby – now Cabinet Secretary – is more than willing to help him steer the unsteady ship of state through the perilous waters of government.


    Time for politics...

  • Gangsta Granny

    Thursday 25 December, 1pm (JKT/BKK); 2pm (SIN/HK); 3pm (KOR).

    When mum and dad drop schoolboy Ben off to stay at his granny’s for the evening, he expects the usual – boring old cabbage soup, never-ending knitting and endless scrabble with his equally boring grandma. Until one day, Ben’s granny tells him an incredible story… she was once known as the ‘Black Cat’, a notorious international jewel thief!

    Together they go on a wild adventure to complete the one heist she never quite managed in her criminal heyday – to break into the Tower of London, and steal the crown jewels.


    Family festive fun...

  • Call the Midwife (S3): Xmas 2013

    Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 December, 9pm (JKT/BKK); 10pm (SIN/HK); 11pm (KOR).

    In Poplar, Christmas 1958 is not just about the opening of presents, but also about the closing of deep wounds.

    When an unexploded World War II bomb is found under a warehouse close to Nonnatus House, the nuns and dozens of local families find themselves homeless. Wartime trials are relived and a new enemy confronted, before peace and love are restored to centre stage.


    Medical drama...

BBC Knowledge

  • Top Gear: Patagonia Special

    Sunday 28 and Monday 29 December at 8pm (JKT/BKK); 9pm (SIN/HK); 10pm (KOR).

    The two-part special follows Top Gear trio, Jeremy, Richard and James, as they take a Porsche 928, Lotus Esprit and Ford Mustang through their most gruelling challenge to date – a 1600-mile trek through Patagonia to the southernmost city in the world.


    Motor mayhem...

  • Deadly Pole to Pole

    Thursdays at 8pm (JKT/BKK); 9pm (SIN/HK); 10pm (KOR).

    Steve Backshall embarks on an epic journey that takes him and his trusty crew from the Arctic to the Antarctic in search of the deadliest animals on earth.

    Experiencing new countries and new adventures, Steve discovers animals like the lobster-munching goliath groupers of Cuba, the much feared and respected oceanic white tip shark, and the world’s only carnivorous caterpillars.


    Journey to the ends of the earth...

  • Inside the Animal Mind

    Thursdays at 8:55pm (JKT/BKK); 9:55pm (SIN/HK); 10:55pm (KOR).

    This fascinating series explores scientific breakthroughs through three iconic creatures – dogs, birds and dolphins - and discovers how the origins and causes of animals' cognitive abilities lie in their environment.

    From the dog’s ability to know when its owner will return, to the cleverest birds in the world and the manipulative power of dolphins, it reveals the surprising and fascinating ways in which animals understand the world around them.


    Mind games...

  • Top Gear Special: James May's Car of the People

    Sundays at 8:55pm (JKT/BKK); 9:55pm (SIN/HK); 10:55pm (KOR).

    In this three-part series, James May tells the story of the cars he believes are the true cars of the people.

    Join him on this journey across mainland Europe to Russia and Japan, and in typical Top Gear style, there'll be thrilling road tests, capers and challenges galore as James explores the astonishing true stories of triumph and abject failure that lie behind some of the world’s most popular vehicles. As always, his choices will surprise and provoke car lovers everywhere.


    Motor mayhem...

BBC Lifestyle

  • The Great British Bake Off Christmas Masterclass

    Wednesdays at 7:25pm (JKT/BKK); 8:25pm (SIN/HK); 9:25pm (KOR).

    Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry share their favourite recipes for Christmas classics. Learn how to bake classics like stollen, mincemeat streusel and a gingerbread house that can be made with all the family, and some less well-known recipes like Scottish black bun, Tunis cake and Paul's hand-raised boxing day pie – the perfect way to use up all the trimmings from the day before.

    Mary and Paul show what will last and what can be made in advance, to keep the festive baking season as stress-free as possible.


    Festive bakes...

  • Nigel Slater's 12 Tastes of Christmas

    Thursdays at 7:25pm (JKT/BKK); 8:25pm (SIN/HK); 9:25pm (KOR).

    Nigel Slater shares his favourite festive treats that make Christmas a truly tasty time of year, with tips on cooking a feast for many, or some simple self-indulgence to get the festive juices flowing.

    As well as taking a culinary trip to Norway and going in search of a very special Christmas tree, Nigel shares recipes for centrepieces, sweet treats and luxurious leftovers, with tastes and smells that evoke the spirit of the season.


    Yuletide gastro delights...


  • Christmas specials

    Tuesday 23, Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 December from 5pm (JKT/BKK); 6pm (SIN/HK); 7pm (KOR).

    This Christmas tune into CBeebies for a bunch of Christmas specials especially for young ones!

    Join your favourite characters like Teletubbies, Baby Jake, Charlie & Lola, Mister Maker and many more for heaps of festive fun and giggles.


    Ho, ho, ho!

BBC World News

  • Newsday

    Weekdays at 6am, 7am & 8am.

    Newsday is co-presented live from Singapore and London. Babita Sharma and Rico Hizon deliver an overview of the day’s big news stories, as well as the latest business and sports updates, each weekday.


    Top news stories live from Singapore and London...

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