BBC Entertainment

  • Doctor Who (S8)

    Sundays at 6:30pm (JKT/BKK); 7:30pm (SIN/HK); 8:30pm (KOR).

    Watch the Doctor battle aliens and monsters who are intent on mayhem and destruction. Will the Doctor and his companion Clara save the day?


    Time-travelling adventures...

  • Stella (S2)

    Weekdays at 7:15pm (JKT/BKK); 8:15pm (SIN/HK); 9:15pm (KOR).

    Stella is a 40-something mum juggling the ups and downs of family life amid the chaos of her eccentric friends, relatives and children's fathers.

    As the second series opens, Stella is coming to terms with the fact she's pregnant. To make matters worse, boyfriend Sean can't conceal his excitement. But does Stella really want to be pregnant and does she really love Sean? An irresistibly warm, moving and very funny comedy drama.


    Comedy drama...

BBC Knowledge

  • Top Gear Top Trips

    Weekends at 9pm (JKT/BKK); 10pm (SIN/HK); 11pm (KOR).

    The trio are back for Top Gear's Top Trips, a whole month of high-octane entertainment serving up classic Top Gear moments alongside the road trips.

    From Europe to Africa, and Asia to South America, the Top Gear team are going global...


    Treats for petrolheads...

  • Ross Kemp: Extreme World (S3)

    Wednesdays at 9:45pm (JKT/BKK); 10:45pm (SIN/HK); 11:45pm (KOR).

    Ross Kemp travels around the world talking to people involved in illicit trades, locals who have been affected by violence and hardship, and the authorities who are attempting to combat the problems.

    In each episode he attempts to establish contacts within the groups in order to get close to the ringleaders.


    Going to extremes...

  • Hands & Feet

    Tuesdays at 8:55pm (JKT/BKK); 9:55pm (SIN/HK); 10:55pm (KOR).

    George McGavin joins a team of specialist anatomists in the dissection room to unpick the secrets of human hands and feet.

    Move down through each component layer – muscles, veins, tendons and bones – and explores their story in more detail, revealing the importance of two of the most complex and beautifully engineered pieces of anatomy in the human body.


    A closer look...

  • Countdown to the Rains

    Sundays at 7:05pm (JKT/BKK); 8:05pm (SIN/HK); 9:05pm (KOR).

    This series captures the dramatic transition from the last days of the dry season to the arrival of the rains.

    Starting at the edge of the river, where predators stalk their prey, the series moves inland, where their hungry young demand to be fed, and finally follows the moment when the heavens open and water transforms the landscape.


    Tick tock...

  • Expedition Burma

    Thursdays at 9:50pm (JKT/BKK); 10:50pm (SIN/HK); 11:50pm (KOR).

    A team of scientists and wildlife filmmakers find out whether Burma's vast forests could be the last stronghold for iconic species – like Asian elephants and tigers – already endangered in the rest of the world.

    From the mountains of western Burma to the tangled jungles of the north, join them as they trek through the undergrowth and place camera traps in the mountains to try and capture some of the elusive animals said to live here.


    The last stronghold...

BBC Lifestyle

  • Paul Hollywood's Pies and Puds

    Fridays at 7:25pm (JKT/BKK); 8:25pm (SIN/HK); 9:25pm (KOR).

    Paul Hollywood celebrates the very best of pies and puddings as he creates a range of delicious recipes and meets renowned chefs.

    Each episode shows Paul Hollywood cooking three recipes.In addition to that, he goes around the United Kingdom looking for traditional local recipes and the stories behind them.


    Baking time...

  • James Martin's Food Map of Britain (S1)

    Thursdays at 7pm (JKT/BKK); 8pm (SIN/HK); 9pm (KOR).

    Chef James Martin explores how the British Isles feed us, and he's doing it in a unique and revealing way: from the air.

    James takes to the skies to get an overview on how our landscape and climate affect where, what and how we farm, fish and connect with our food on these beautiful islands.


    An aerial view...


  • Dinopaws (S1)

    Mondays to Fridays at 8:45am (JKT/BKK); 9:45am (SIN/HK).

    Join bold, brave and respectful Gwen, Bob and Tony on their epic journey of discovery as they begin to understand the special planet they live on.

    Combining colorful animation with stimulating storytelling and charming characters, Dinopaws is a magical programme for preschoolers who, like Dinopaws, are exploring the world they live in for the first time and discovering new experiences, objects, places and feelings every day.


    Dino fun...

BBC World News

  • Newsday

    Weekdays at 6am, 7am & 8am.

    Newsday is co-presented live from Singapore and London. Babita Sharma and Rico Hizon deliver an overview of the day’s big news stories, as well as the latest business and sports updates, each weekday.


    Top news stories live from Singapore and London...

Top Gear Top TripsCountdown to ChristmasRace the Stig - ENGLAND - Small promo
  • Top Gear Top Trips competition

    Top Gear Top Trips

    Weekends at 10pm (SIN/HK)

  • Your life on earth

    Your life on Earth

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